Hi, I'm Jocelyn. I'm a professional coach, speaker and author with a wealth of experience helping people turn life's most challenging moments into opportunities to thrive.

Having been through some pretty significant transitions in my own life (death, divorce, career transitions, blending a family, etc.), I feel passionate about helping clients through what can be a very scary time. 

As a coach I can help you to clearly define new and exciting goals and dreams, reframe your story so that it empowers you, and create actionable steps towards achieving your goals and overcoming personal obstacles. I've studied effective transitions at length, and I'm excited to share my 5 step process to THRIVE through any transition you may be facing!  

10 years ago as I navigated the difficult transition of losing my dad I found coaching extremely valuable; I needed "permission" to live again and working with a great coach who guided me to take focused action was the push I needed. Now, as a coach I'm grateful to get to do the same for my clients as they navigate their own challenges. 

When we experience life’s tougher moments sometimes we need someone to come along side and inspire us to get back into the game of life.
— Jocelyn

My book THRIVING THROUGH TRANSITIONS is coming out early this summer! In it I describe the steps I've used to turn challenges into opportunities to thrive. Part story, part workbook, it was important to me to provide readers an opportunity to do the work to thrive through their own, unique challenges, and offer a wealth of thought provoking questions to help guide the process. 

I also founded YOUR BEST LIFE DAILY, a movement dedicated to inspiring and motivating people all over the world to live their very own, unique BEST LIVES: Be a bit rebellious. Break the rules. And in the process rediscover your passion and purpose! 

In my free time I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my amazing husband and 3 beautiful children, as well as my siblings, mom and bonus dad and all of our extended family. I've also enjoyed coaching volleyball for the past 10 years and ran a successful business as a hairstylist for 13 years prior to TRANSITIONING to coaching, speaking and writing full-time.  

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