Inspiring Keynotes & Workshops


In this inspiring keynote Jocelyn walks the audience through her inspiring 5 step process to THRIVE through whatever challenges life throws their way. 


In this 2-3 hour workshop Jocelyn takes your group through the first foundational truth of Your Best Life Daily - To DO YOU (really, really well) - by guiding your audience through the process of CREATING A CLEAR, EXCITING VISION FOR THE FUTURE (Step 4 of Thriving Through Transitions) . Through thought provoking questions, empowering exercises, and manifestation techniques, attendees will leave inspired with clear, specific goals for living their own best life in the next year and beyond. 

WE > I - (A team building experience) 

This workshop centers around the theme of creating an amazing team. Based on the second foundational truth of Your Best Life Daily - that we as a whole are always greater than I as an individual. Bringing 13 years of team-building experience, Jocelyn covers the key components of winning teams - leadership, expectations, culture, goals and performance.  


In this presentation Jocelyn shares the founding truths of Your Best Life Daily, relating them to your audience through story telling and offering an open discussion centered around celebrating our differences and truly living our own best lives. Jocelyn will challenge your audience to 'be the change' by committing to live out the foundational truths of the movement.