Thriving Through Transitions - Signed Preorder

Thriving Through Transitions - Signed Preorder


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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to thrive as they experience change while others seem to crumble at even the idea of it? And is it even possible for a person expand their ability to adapt? 

In Thriving through Transitions author Jocelyn Kuhn offers an insightful perspective, along with an easy to follow 5 Step Process for turning life’s greatest obstacles into opportunities to thrive. Kuhn takes her experience overcoming significant obstacles and transitions and teaches a five-step process for turning life’s greatest challenges into opportunities to thrive.

Some of her major transitions have been dealing with the sudden and unexpected death of her father at 22, divorce, blending families, and most recently, major career changes.  As a coach and speaker, Kuhn has helped numerous people clearly define new goals and dreams, reframe their stories, find empowerment, and create actionable steps toward achieving their goals and truly thriving.

“Thriving Through Transitions” takes readers through Kuhn’s process of grieving your loss, reframing the experience, centering yourself in the present, creating a new, exciting vision, and taking intentional actions to make changes. Part workbook and part story, Kuhn truly gives the reader a peek into her own challenges and the obstacles she has overcome while helping them process their own. 

As Kuhn says, When we experience life’s tougher moments sometimes we need someone to come along side and inspire us to get back into the game of life.”