Thriving Through Transitions is now available on Amazon!

I want to thank you 🙏 in advance for your support of my work! This process has challenged me in so many new and wonderful ways, and I'm so excited to finally be at this point, able to share my work with all of you! 

Jocelyn inspires with wisdom and guides with specific tools to mentor navigation of significant life transitions. Thriving Through Transitions is informed, insightful, and an essential instruction manual for personal transformation.
— David Krueger, MD, CEO MentorPath


     Have you ever wondered why some people seem to thrive as they experience change while others seem to crumble at even the idea of it? And is it even possible for a person expand their ability to adapt? 

      Thriving through Transitions offers an insightful perspective, along with an easy to follow 5 Step Process for turning life’s greatest obstacles into opportunities to thrive.

This was truly a powerful and insightful journey through transition. I think many stumble through some of this on our own, but what I liked most about this book was the guided process and activities that kept me focused on MY transition. I felt supported and inspired, and more importantly, driven to take positive action to work my way through it.
— Ed Danyo

More praise for Thriving Through Transitions...

     "Thriving through Transitions is such an incredible book written by Jocelyn Mast Kuhn. I've read a lot of books regarding personal development and relationships (Ex: Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Simon Sinek, Don Miguel Ruiz, Brene Brown to name a few), and this book is one of the best books I've ever read, EVER. This is one of the only books I've ever had to read the entire book, in one day. Absolutely captivated me!

     I mean her stories, lessons, influences from other major people in her life, structure...just loved it! This book has it all. Jocelyn's storytelling ability is second to none, and you really get drawn into the emotions, power, and inspiration of what Jocelyn is looking to convey through her authenticity, transparency, and just being a student of life. Her willingness to dig deep into her heart, soul, and living entity as a strong, vulnerable, captivating, and inspirational woman, is felt throughout every page you turn.

    You get a sense of feeling firsthand, a real life woman's story of conquering adversity, and her need to help millions break through their own life struggles.  The content in this book contains so many tools I know I can take into my every day life, and utilize to better myself as a human being. I am in absolute awe of how much value this book has brought into my life, and highly recommend it."

- Steve Chinen