Hi, I'm your instructor, Jocelyn. I wanted to do something to give back to this amazing UPW community, so I decided to offer the same workshop I charge companies over $2000 for absolutely free! Join me as we explore specific steps for creating a clear, exciting vision for your future! 


Here's how the course works:


Begin with the end in mind.

In the first step of the Life Vision Masterclass we'll explore our long-term vision with specific exercises designed to unlock our personal guiding values and principles.


Work backward and set goals.

Next we'll begin working backward and set concrete goals to move us toward the life of our dreams. 


Jumpstart your vision. 

I'll explain the Law of Attraction and the best methods for creating more abundance in our lives. We'll deep dive into vision boards, and you'll leave able to create a vision board that actually works. 

Vision Board .JPG


What's included? 


Full Create Workshop & PDF 

This is the exact workshop and PDF I use when working with teams and clients on Life Visioning.



LIVE Life Visioning Q&A 

At the end of the Masterclass you'll have the opportuntity to ask me any questions you might still have about the Life Visioning process. 



Vision Board Resources

You'll never have to limit your vision to magazine images again. You'll learn the exact method I use to create personalized images along with powerful affirmation statements.


I've been able to use the power of Life Visioning over and over in my life to manifest my heart's desires. Most recently I had a vision of completing my first book—a book that is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon and coming soon to other retailers! I was able to use the power of visualization to make this dream my reality after attending UPW San Jose in March of 2018. Guys, that was only 3 1/2 months ago! This was a HUGE revelation in what is truly possible when we GET CLEAR about EXACTLY what we want to manifest, and then, while staying open, begin the journey of making our dreams become our reality! 

I've done this over and over again in my life. Cars, houses, trips—all the physical manifestations people tend to identify with—but more importantly, I've been able to live in a beautiful state of FEELING as a result of Visioning. Now, I spend far greater time focusing on the feelings I want to create in my life rather than the stuff I think will bring me those feelings. THE RESULTS ARE INCREDIBLE! 

This Life Vision Masterclass is going to be AMAZING! You'll leave with tangible results, and a plan for visioning YOUR BEST LIFE!  


Can't make it to the LIVE Masterclass? That's okay! You'll be able to access the Masterclass replay until September 14th!  

Ready to live life at a new level? See you on the 14th!